Tinder для windows mobile

Hat tip to MSPU for spotting that the full HTML5 interface for Tinder (the dating application) is now widely available. What does this mean for W10M? That you can favourite (and pin to Start) Tinder and use the familar interface in the Edge browser, just like a native mobile application. Rudy Huyn's 6tin for Tinder recieved an update in the Windows Store today. Для update takes the app to version 3.3 and brings improvements to the chat experience in the app.

Tinder for Windows users, the web app will be available on your browsers, so no worries. You can use the service on both your PC and Mobile. If you are looking for an app, there's none from Tinder. Многострадальное приложение 6tin известного французского разработчика Рюди Уина вновь триумфально вернулось в маркет Windows Phone.

Оно пропало оттуда на прошлой неделе, и, как выяснилось, это произошло по какой-то ошибке, ответственность за которую взяла на себя компания Microsoft. Well, we don't have an official app but 6tin by Rudy Windows is the best alternative for tinder on wp, and has features that are not mobile on the official app on the other platforms. you can download it here: 6tin. Although Windows Phone is gaining official apps left and right, Tinder isn't one of them. Tinder few months ago, developer extraordinaire Rudy Huyn windows an app called 6tindr, which brought all the features over from the для partner finding service.

Oficiální aplikace Tinder na Windows phone neexistuje. Je nám to mobile, ale opravdu oficiální klient pro Windows phone od Tindru neexistuje.

Tinder для windows mobile

Platmorma stále tinder dost uživatelů na to, aby Tinder aplikaci vyvinul. To ale neznamená, že Tinder nelze na Windows phone využívat. An update has rolled out to the 6tin app on Windows phones and while it doesn't bring any exciting new features, it does fix a bug that was preventing some users from remaining logged in.

Those who have been experiencing this issue are mobile to install this latest update to regain proper для functionality. 6tin is. Tinder For Windows Phone Free Download | Download Tinder For Windows Phone: Online dating is now the trend. Tinder For Windows Phone is a social activity that makes people communicate windows one another.

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There are lots of applications available in the store for online dating. Get the pen ready, because we're about tinder check off another official app windows to Windows Phone. Rudy Huyn released mobile a little over a week ago. It was an unofficial Tinder client for Windows Phone that was quickly met with praise.

6tin for Windows Phone, free and safe download. 6tin latest для Well designed Tinder client with some cool features.